Careers: What do you want to be today?

If you are someone who’s passionate and dedicated to learning and diving deeper down the technological realm, then you are what we are looking for! If you aim to be the best at what you can do and hone your skills—Ono Software Solutions is the best company in the industry.

Are you looking for the starting line but don’t know how to start?

We seek highly skilled professionals with several years of expertise in the IT field. We match our employees with the right opportunities depending on their skill set, background, and career ambitions. We provide our employees the option to choose their own professional path and encourage them to take initiative. We provide a demanding environment for our employees to grow and explore their skills and competencies, with global work locations and unique offshore, on-site, and offsite delivery capabilities. We can diversify our staff by hiring employees from other nations and cultures because of our global presence.

Employees have the option of selecting an ideal payment plan depending on their geographic area and needs. There are a variety of choices available, and we are eager to work within reason to ensure that our employees are fairly compensated for their efforts.

Skills Development and Enhancement Center​

ONO Software Solutions understand that skills can help you improve your professional competency and perform better at work. That’s why with SDEC, the education and experience that we offer you will help you enhance your abilities and be prepared to be the best you—with ONO!

Health and Dental Insurance

ONO Software Solutions provides health and dental benefits to its employees and their family. Our plan gives you access to a broad network of medical institutions and doctors all around the country.


We wish to grow a company with the best technology consultants, and with today’s worldwide collaboration, personnel must be willing to travel and relocate to different places. For the suitable people, we sponsor work permits in the United States and other countries on a need-basis. We want our staff to take care of our clients’ technology needs while our attorneys and HR department handle their immigration concerns.