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Centralized Traffic Control

To put it another way, it’s an integrated system that satisfies the ongoing demand for an efficient traffic management network among railway infrastructure administrators. CTC automates activities and assists railway traffic control and regulation in order to increase the quality of services and optimize operations:

  • Automatic Route Setting; Schedule Regulation Based on Train Identification and Current Position
  • Management of Alarms
  • Reports on timetable deviations, failures, and delay causes, among other things.
  • Railway installations can be controlled and monitored remotely, as well as fully operated remotely (interlockings).

The CTC system manages train dispatching and shunting operations in the jurisdictional section and achieves centralized control through signal equipment such as interlocking and section blocks. As a result, CTC symbolizes the management core and organization of railway traffic and overlaps hierarchically over interlocking and fixed block installations that allow traffic control between stations.