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Nowadays, companies demand agility and efficiency.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire is an external source of recruiting in which competent individuals are recruited by posting a job announcement on the organization’s bulletin board.

Contract Project Staffing

Employees are hired on a contract basis for a limited time. Employers can be more adaptable to contractual staffing practices. Part-time work, independent contracts, and seasonal work are all examples of contractual staffing.

Onsite Managed Offshore Staffing

It’s not just about saving money when you hire somebody from another country (though the cost savings are obviously one of the biggest benefits). It also gives you access to a whole new pool of talent, which can help your company operate more efficiently in an increasingly competitive market. You can now enjoy the advantages of onsite management as well, thanks to our service!


We will be providing you with individuals that are still in the training phase that will certainly give you the opportunity and authority over their specific skill focus.